COWIN Booster 3rd Dose Vaccine Registration at

Corona Virus again started to spread after devastating 1st and 2nd waves . Experts says it as the starting of the 3rd wave. Amid rising Covid cases , government has started giving Cowin Booster Dose Vaccine to the all frontline workers and people related to various health related sectors.

In this article , we are going to tell you about the process of online registration for the Booster Dose . Make sure to read it at the end to gain all information about the topic. Booster Vaccine Registration has been already started in India from 10 January 2022 (Monday) and are currently active.

Cowin Booster Vaccine Registration

Indian Citizens who has already taken the first two doses of Covid Vaccine can register themselves for the Booster Dose Vaccine through the Cowin portal and get the booster dose.  Amid the rising fear of the third wave of COVID-19, the initiative of the Booster dose vaccine will help the frontline workers . These are the only people who fights Corona back and gave their best services during the Covid Crisis.

In the current scenario, senior citizens and frontline workers will get booster dose first, it is known as the precaution dose.  Social health Care workers such as Nurses, Doctors, and Senior citizens who are above 60 years of age can apply for the precautions dose. Eligible candidates should directly visit the COVID-19 vaccination Centre and get their Booster Dose Vaccination done.

One thing that everyone should keep in their mind is the time limit that is required between the two doses of Covid Vaccine .Being a Senior Citizen or Frontline worker and fully vaccinated with two doses is not enough, it must have passed 39 weeks or 9 months after the second dose of vaccination.

Register For cowin 3rd Booster Dose Vaccine

To apply for the cowin 3rd booster dose of vaccine , just follow the following step-by-step procedure. You will be able to book a precaution dose-

STEP 1)To register for the 3rd Booster Dose  Vaccine, Visit the official portal of CoWIN i.e.

STEP 2)Click on the option of “Register / Sign In” tap on the option.

STEP 3)Fill in your old registered mobile number and tap on the option of get OTP.

STEP 4)Now, you will receive a six-digit OTP, fill the OTP in the text box and tap on the option of Verify & Proceed.

STEP 5)You are redirected to the dashboard of the Cowin portal, here you find an option of “Precaution Dose” tap on the and book your 3rd dose.

STEP 6)Select the time, date and vaccination centre address, where you have to visit for the vaccination.

Importance of Cowin Booster Dose

Amid the rising fear of 3rd wave, it is now become very crucial for the old vulnerable sections of people to get 3rd vaccine dose else the situation may get worse. Below are the some important uses of cowin Booster Dose.

Precaution dose or Booster dose of COVID-19 is very useful in increasing the immunity of Senior Citizens and Frontline Worker (Healthcare Worker, Nurses, Doctors, etc), when the world become aware of the new variant called Omicron which was identified in South Africa by November 2022.  The whole world (including India) are very busy in making preparations to fight against it.

Citizens who get the booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will feel more energetic and healthy. A lot of people lose their loved once in the 1st and 2nd wave of Covid. The 3rd dose of vaccine gave them confidence to fight against corona.

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  1. What if someone is partially vaccinated one of covaxine and other of covid shield I am unable to draw passing certificate is there any facility with the third dose for partiality vaccinated to online display passing certificate

  2. It’s a very good attempt to avoid further spread of “Omicron” and also the better way of easy vaccination of booster dose .


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