Caste Certificate Jati Praman Patra Rajasthan Online Registration Process, Application form

A Caste Certificate is the proof of one’s belonging to a particular caste, especially in case one belongs to any of the ‘Scheduled Castes’ or ‘Scheduled Tribes’, as specified in the Indian Constitution. Caste certificate is important for each and every individual in India, and at the same time, you cannot apply for caste certificate online in all states.

Caste Certificate now become a very important document . It is very helpful in applying for reservations in the various fields . India has a very prevalent caste system . Different caste groups has special status in the social structure of India, These castes enjoys certain benefits and privilege’s  that other castes do not enjoy.

Caste Certificate Rajasthan

To avail those special benefits a person must have the caste certificate which will provide him reservations in different fields of the government. Basically, it is a proof that you belong to a certain caste and you have certain rights in your hand that is provided by the constitution of India.

Now the Caste Certificate formation has been created very simple . Now , a person can apply for Caste Certificate online without any physical appearance in the office. Those candidates who belong to the SC,ST, OBC are eligible to make their caste certificates online.

In this section , we are going to tell you about how you can make your Caste Certificate with the help of your mobile phones easily using internet.

Caste Certificate Rajasthan Apply Online

All those people who belong to the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes , they can apply for caste certificate in both online and offline ways. Those candidates who want to take benefit of online service of the Rajasthan government can apply for the caste certificate through the official portal of the Rajasthan government.

What is Caste Certificate?

The Caste Certificate is an official document issued by the different state governments . It is the identification proof of a person that the individual belongs to a certain caste group in the society. According to the different caste groups , there is a special reservations in various government schemes. If a person posses caste certificate , then he can take benefits of various government schemes.

Benefits of Caste Certificate

  • With the help of caste Certificate , you can take benefit of various government schemes and also apply for various scholarships from various educational institutions.
  • A certain amount of posts in government sector are reserved for the ST,SC and OBCs.
  • Several state governments provide admission to students in educational institutions according to their castes.
  • Caste Certificate is a very important document to take benefit of various central government schemes.
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Documents For caste certificate

  • Application Form
  • Caste certificate of father
  • An affidavit of Rs. 10
  • Address Proof – Ration card, voter ID, Kiryanama, telephone bill or electricity can be submitted
  • Income certificate
  • Report of the concerned Patwari
  • Photograph of the applicant
  • Two government employees certificates in the application form
  • Aadhar Card
  • Jan Aadhar card / Bhamshah id
  • Mobile Number
  • Passport Size photo

Eligibility to apply for Caste Certificate

  • The applying candidate must be the citizen of Rajasthan.
  • Applying person must of reserved castes.(SC,ST and OBCs)
  • Must have the required identity proof .

Applicable Fee for applying Caste Certificate

There is no charge for applying for caste certificate in the Tehsil office. However, the applicant needs to affix a court fee ticket of Rs.2 with the application form. If the applicant is applying through an e-Mitra local service centre, they have to pay a service charge for certificate processing.

How to apply for Caste Certificate Online?

The different ways of applying for Caste Certificate are following-

Applying online on Rajasthan Single Sign-on (SSO)

Procedure to apply for Rajasthan caste certificate through online SSO is:

  1. Go to the home page of Rajasthan Single Sign-on (SSO).
  2. Enter SSO ID or username and password to login to the portal for applying caste certificate.
  3. In the new page select e-Mitra new
  4. Clik on राब सेवा अनप्रमोग option from the left side
  5. From the option, select application for caste certificate – OBS or SBC or SC or ST
  6. Enter the following details to process the application form.
  7. Bam shah ID number
  8. Aadhaar card number
  9. E-Mitra register registration number
  10. Click on next for providing personal details such as name, date of birth, mobile number, marital status, caste category, and gender.
  11. The applicant needs to provide a permanent address with pin code and click on the save button to save all entered details.
  12. Upload photograph, father’s caste certificate, address proof and all other documents.
  13. Click on continue partial application, it will be forwarded to the concerned regional office.
  14. Get the certificate by clicking on Avail Service option in SSO; the applicant can take a print out of the Rajasthan caste certificate.

Apply through e-Mitra Centre

Procedure to apply for caste certificate through e-Mitra Centre in Rajasthan is explained in detail below:

  1. Visit the nearest e-Mitra Centre.
  2. The applicant needs to put in the application request for the caste certificate online at the e-Mitra Centre.
  3. Submit all required documents (as mentioned above) to the e-Mitra Centre person. The request for caste certificate will be forwarded to the concerned authority.
  4. e-Mitra operator will issue a receipt with applicant number, and also the applicant will get SMS to registered mobile number and mail to the mail-id. Progress of the application will also be updated through SMS.
  5. The concerned department will process the caste certificate request, and after successful verification, the authorized Government Officer will issue the caste certificate.
  6. Once the applicant’s income certificate is read, an SMS will be sent. Revisit any centre.
  7. Provide the application number to e-Mitra service centre person; the applicant can get a printed copy of the Rajasthan certificate. It can be used for all the purposes mentioned above.

Apply through Tehsil office Offline

The following is the procedure for applying the Rajasthan caste certificate:

  1. Fill the application form duly according to the caste category. The separate application form is available for SC or ST and SBC or OBC category.
  2. Paste the passport size photograph in the application.
  3. Affix court fee ticket of Rs.2 with the application form.
  4. According to Government list, verify the information that is furnished with the competent public representatives in the Tehsil office.
  5. Apply along with all required documents to Tehsil.
  6. After processing the application form, concerned Tehsil will issue Rajasthan Caste certificate.

How to verify Caste Certificate online?

    1. Visit the official website of
    2. Now Home page will open.
    3. Now choose the Online Verification option on the home page.
    4. Enter the transaction Id for your certificate

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